Stream Overlays Coming Soon!

I have been working for nearly a decade as a digital artist. On my journey, I have always tried to cross over into video games. I started with modding, then indie development, and even taught myself C++ to do it all on my own. While I work at these various ventures, I’ve watched video game streams take off. People watching people play video games. Crazy right?! In doing so I have noticed a divide in good and bad presentation. I’m not talking about the personality of the streamer, I can’t help much with that. What I aim to help with are good overlays.

I will be focusing on overlays which fit inside the world of a specific game. This isn’t to say you couldn’t use it for something else. Focusing on game specific overlays will give me the opportunity to explore the interface of that game, while providing something new and fresh for a streamer with each game they play. These stream overlays are complete with cool graphics, a theme that ties the audience to the content, and in some cases animation.

My first game stream overlay is going to be Fallout 4 themed, so check back soon!

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